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I am an Aromatherapeute and Pharmacyst born in 1953, this gives me some experience about life and therapy.Actually, I run a pharmacy in Principalty of Monaco, where I am now well known for my blended and where I am a member of the pharmacyst council. I went to the amazing universe of EO through an odd experience, I was a pharmacyst running a  pharmacy in a small medieval town in Provence and once I had a client coming to me for an advice to her teen daughter suffering of terrible period pains. She told me that her daughter had already tried everything from allopathy to homeophathy through acupunture with no result. I remembered I had once read an article about the effect of Occimum Basilicum used as an antispasmodic, the result was extraordinary as it was acting so fast and so efficient. This drives me  in EO pot.

From there I studied Aromatherapy  at first by myself and then I took lessons from the French Scholl of Aromatherapy, where Prof. D.BAUDOUX, President of Internationnal Aromatherapy Society, teach the science of Aromatherapy.EO wear multiple faces, did you ever try to rub a tablet on your skin, or try to sniff a sachet, of course not, with EO, you can do that.
EO are acting as allotherapy, the science of EO is called Medical and scientific Aromathary but it is far more than that. EO can be Mystic, mythic and can act as a link between us and something else wich can be called QI, DO , pneuma, Rhuah, Prana or soul. I told you before that Occimum Basilicum is a powerfull antispasmodic as it is for Artemisia Dracunculus, they are similar to treat antispsmodic pains, the similarity does not end there thus Basilicum is a dragon as it is also for Dracunculus, strange is not it ! same effect,s same word origin .
My blends are sure and trully   efficient , my scientific training and my practice during numerous years in the environment of the pharmacy guarantee it.Over my ready to use blends, the efficiency of which is not to be any more questioned, certain circumstances of  life make that your case can be particular so do not hesitate  to give me through your Email wich person you  are, give me your emotions, this will lead me to your intimate personality and thus help me to help you!
I hope to have awakened your curiosity about EO and know you can understand why to me you are the One and why my formulas are made for you and only for you. Do not  hesitate to give me through your Email wich person you  are, give me your emotions, this will lead me to your intimate personality and thus help me to help you!

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